A subway map of the Gautrain in Johannesburg. There is a redline, a blue line, and a yellow line that connects various stops around the city. The lines are set against a smokey grey background.
Johannesburg is a large city with many forms of transit. This includes the Rea Vaya Bus Transit System, the Gautrain, and Metrobus.
A picture of a park shows an empty bench standing before a pond surrounded by trees. The sun is beginning to set and is framed against a lightly clouded, light blue sky. Around the bench is a group of geese and ducks.
Mona stands on the side of a road. She wears a tan jacket, black pants, sunglasses, and holds her cane. Behind her is a sign that reads “Moyo” and various trees and foliage. Before her is an empty asphalt street.
The picture is taken from on top of a double decker bus on a bridge. The supports of the bridge frame the skyline of a large city in the background. The sky is perfectly clear and blue.
Gautrain is a new commuter transit rail opened in 2012 that services over 15 million people each year.
Mona sits on a white stone bench. She wears a blue denim jacket, black pants, and sunglasses. To her right is a video camera. To her left is her folded cane. Behind her is a white wall with an arch entrance. Below her is a brick floor inlaid with granite set in an intricate pattern.
The stations are specifically designed to provide easy access for the mobility impaired and to accommodate sight- and hearing-impaired passengers.
An aerial view of a large city. Traffic flows in the streets below. The city extends into the various suburbs and highways in the background.
The infamous minibus taxis have a complex system of using hand signs to signal what direction they are heading in. The use of hand signals makes them particularly inaccessible to those with any type of vision impairment.
A silver train travels at night in a trainyard. Above the train stand a long line of powerlines.
The picture shows the Nelson Mandela Square. A tall, weathered statue of Nelson Mandela stands in the center of the square. People walk or sit around the square. On the right of the picture stairs lead off frame. On the left, more people sit under shade.
The picture shows a group of tables arranged on a dirt floor. Trees ring the open area. Among the tables stand three carved statues. To the right of the frame the leaves of a tree lets a part of the sun glimpse through.